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NYS Farm Show 2017

February 23-February 25, 2017 - Visit us at the Beef Producers booth. We will also have a heifer on display again this year.  *Thank You for all that stopped to chat, we enjoyed visiting with you! *

Look to Wayward Wind Ranch for your breeding stock - 2017 Bulls available Spring 2018 - Contact Us

Spring Calves are arriving now. Exciting season on the Ranch!

Update - 6/16/17 - The last calf has arrived today! We are officially done for 2017 - We have been blessed with 23 healthy babies, totaling 16 Bulls and 8 Heifers.

Summer / Fall 2017

Its been a long summer working to put up our winter rations for the cattle, but we have successfully made enough (through the rain drops!) to last us through.

The calves have grown beautifully on pasture this summer, so next on to weaning the calves and getting ready for winter. 


Update 12/08/17 - 2017 Heifers available NOW - call now for information and put them to work in your program! 

See below our Photo Gallery, and enjoy some WWRanch sights!

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NY Farm Show 2017

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NY Farm Show 2017

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